DEFY 2 - Fated Blood
By magica2000
  • Fantasy
  • backstabbing
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  • future
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  • goddess
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  • reborn
  • romance
  • science-fantasy
  • siblings
  • utopia
  • war
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  • witch
  • youngadult


Dead. That is the word whispered through the streets of Lanedale on that abnormally warm winter's day. That is the word the town mumbles to itself as a 13 year old boy disappears without a trace. That is the word that catches young Nix's attention as she wanderers out of her house the next morning, in search of a brother that was never coming back. But not all rumours are to be believed.... (This Book is a sequel, please read the first book in the DEFY series, Magic Eyes, before reading this book.) (Has been ranked at #879 in the Dystopian tag.) (Warning - this story contains swearing, acts of violence, love, nightmares, possible madness, characters being happy and then really not happy, death, characters suffering from mental issues, references to abuse, suicide, and murder. And this book may also make you care for fictional characters on a deep emotional level.)

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DEFY 2...
by magica2000