La Cosa Nostra (#2...
By 12amwriting
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LA COSA NOSTRA "This thing of ours" Sequel to The Italian Mafia's Daughter Meets the Russian Mafia's Son **** An epic story about two of the most infamous mafias in this world. The Italian Cosa Nostra against the Russian Mob. Their children met, clashed, and now a war is arriving at everyone's hands. Don't be fooled, my naive, little cliche-minded noodles. This story is not about their silly wants and desires; it's about the sacrifice of innocence in the search for truth, vengeance that runs thick through blood, and blinding loyalty to the family they were born in. A code of honor; a code of vengeance; a code of silence. One mafia is going to be left standing on the ashes of the other. The question is: are you ready to find out which one? "Our principles are highest; honor, solidarity and vengeance. We know there's no justice for us except we earn it. We earn respect."


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La Cosa N...
by 12amwriting