Welcome to Highscho...
By thatoneawkwardboi
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Connor McKinley is a closeted homosexual because he lives in a Mormon household. But he did have the greatest boyfriend until something happened in the eight grade that caused him to be afraid to fall in love again. He's determined not to love again. He's determined to turn it off but it didn't work. It never works. But he just pretends because his parents had always wanted him to be their great Mormon son. He was doing a great job until he meets the popular kid. Kevin Price. Kevin Price is the most popular kid in Salt Lake highschool. Everyone thinks he likes actions movies and hardcore music but that's not a little bit true. He loves Disney and Orlando and would rather listen to Disney soundtracks than any other music. He's determined to only let his best friend Arnold Cunningham know that fact. But that all changes when he meets Connor McKinley.

Welcome to highschool

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Welcome t...
by thatoneawkwardboi