Seize Fire (Book #3...
By LBrooks23
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Book #3 in "Line Of Fire" Series: After six months of struggle, it was all finally coming to an end. Alexa could deal with the NIA's investigation, she could handle a little betrayal and getting thrown in jail, and she could most certainly deal with a crazy person seeking revenge for it all... She had done it all. But if there was one thing Alexa couldn't stand, it was crazy-bitch Paige targeting her little sister. Now, Alexa wasn't playing nice. No. Not anymore. After turning her back on the NIA, Alexa and Melissa go rogue in an attempt to follow Paige's hidden clues to find Anna. But as Alexa searches for her sister, opposing forces are also searching for her. Can Alexa manage to outrun the government officials that always seem to be one step behind? And will she be able to find Anna before it's too late?

Copyright © 2017 Lauryn Brooks

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Seize Fir...
by LBrooks23