Unique (Devin Booke...
By K_Swish30
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Kamira Armani Adams is unique...not just in a way where every parent tells their kids that they're unique...but a type of unique that only comes in a few people. Kamira isn't like other girls. She loves basketball. She lives, breathes, speaks, and is basketball and with 2 older brothers, she always played with boys for competition. That's what makes her unique. She moved to Moss Point, Mississippi when she was going into her senior year, where she became a legend. She went 2 years in college then, with her skills and good charm, got placed onto the Phoenix Suns with the first ever 61st pick. What happens when she reaches the NBA? Superstar Shooting guard, Devin Booker is living life as a 2nd year NBA player on the Phoenix Suns. Growing up in Moss Point, where there was a high level of poverty, it was a big culture change. He's learned to respect life. What happens when young Kamira joins the team? Does he recognize her or will it be new to him?


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Unique (D...
by K_Swish30