Kenma x Reader
By _emoghost
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(y/n) has just moved to Toyko with her best friend. They start school at Nekoma high school and are going to meet some very interesting people. She tries to start her art career off with a bang but that gets interrupted by a few cans of paint and a certain sly cat. It's going to be an interesting year for these best friends. -•- Start of hiatus (5-1-19) End of hiatus (3-25-20) Lmao IM BACK -•- Hoi this is just a small authors note. In this story your character will be dealing with anxiety and depression. If this causes any triggering affects I don't recommend this story. I will be putting a trigger warning at the chapter when there's a scene with the character dealing with this. I own nothing but my own characters.

Chapter 1

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Kenma x R...
by _emoghost