My Step Sibling
By Kittytypewriter5
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His black hair was drenched and all he had on were sport shorts. 'Um he's my stepbrother.' I thought to myself before leaving his room quickly, going to my room. After shutting the door my cheeks were on fire, I leaned on the door then slid to the floor. I held my cheeks, and just kept thinking about the fact that I found my brother attractive at all. ....... Damian moved his hand to my cheek rubbing it with his thumb gently, I couldn't even imagine what his thoughts were. 'What is going on in his head?' "Abby I need to tell you something, and you can say it's cause I'm drunk. But it's really because I can't go longer not telling you." Is it possible...that he might..... ....... I managed I turn over and I found Damian sleeping, his hair was a mess and he was shirtless. Which only helped seal what I was worried about. We had slept together, but what really made me feel stupid was that I was naked too. 'Oh my god.' I thought to myself, putting my hand over my face sighing in regret. 'I had sex with Damian. I lost my virginity to my step brother.'

Chapter One

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My Step S...
by Kittytypewriter5