Mafia Queen
By itsarandomgirll
  • Romance
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  • beytrayal
  • child
  • danger
  • enemys
  • guns
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  • king
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  • romance


" Back off, or so help me I will gauge your eyes out with my finger nails" I snapped to the figure standing in front of me. A throaty chuckle was all I received in response as the figure drew closer, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear. "Now love, there's no need for threats yet, I haven't even gotten started" ~~~~~~ Isabella Diavoli, a name well known for the terror and horror inflicted on her enemies. With her father being the leader of the Italian mafia, She's the most well known and feared woman in the mafia. Tristan king. The leader of the biggest gang on the world. His father had a bad reputation, but his is even worse. What happens when Isabella's father starts a war that will only end in destruction? What happens when she finds her self in the hands of the most feared gang in the world? What will happen when Tristan and Isabella meet? He's a king. She was made to be a queen. (Book 3 in the gang series but can be read as a stand alone) COMPLETED

Mafia Queen

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Mafia Que...
by itsarandomgirll