The Bad Nerd Boy
By agatharoza
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The People Choice Awards 2019 Winner for Best Diverse Books When "Gossip Girls" meets "Pretty Little Liars" and had a kid with "Sherlock Holmes". That kid is "The Bad Nerd Boy". Highest rank #1 in Teen Fiction Hot List and #2 in New Adult ❝ You know my secret now. That's really bad, Summers." He smirked. That nerd smirked! And call me crazy but at this moment, he looked goddamn hot. "I won't tell others." I blurted the words out, hoping it gave the assurance he needed so he would let me go because even though he looked damn hot, he also looked dangerous. Trying to stop myself from trembling, I bit my lips. His eyes caught the movement and he bent forward, filling my nostrils with the smell of dope he smoked earlier. Tilting his head, he clicked his tongue and smiled. "Wrong move." With that, he slammed his lips against mine, knocking all the air from my lungs. He kissed me with no mercy. His tongue slipped at the seam of my mouth, and my mind went blank when I felt the tip of his tongue caressing mine. Pulling away he watched me with a mischievous look on his face as he said, "now I'm going to be yours.❞ ⚠️ swearing, sexual content + references/innuendos, mature language #nobullying #beyourself #youarenotalone #breakthestatusquo #toughlifemaketougherperson SEASON 1 | completed | ✔️ (Rewritten version on GoodNovel) ⇢ Started: September 14, 2017 ⇢ Completed: December 25, 2017 SEASON 2 | completed | ✔️ (on GoodNovel) ⇢ started: January 1, 2018 ⇢ Completed: March 23, 2018 SEASON 3 | on-going (on GoodNovel) ⇢ started: April 2021 ⇢ is a New Adult, therefore, there'll be some sex scene, I will put a warning ⚠️ on top of the chapter when it happens so don't worry (;

The Bad Nerd Boy

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The Bad N...
by agatharoza