Broken and shattered
By xxXDragonGoddessXxx
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"You know, everybody's talking about the beautiful and deadly new competitor in court." well look who it was, the guy I was supposed to try and win over. Prince Nathaniel. "save your idiotic flirting for someone who cares." I gestured to the group of girls batting their eyelashes and trying to look as desirable as possible. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Raven ShadowBlade is the badass daughter of one of the most feared, and powerful vampires in the world. But her father has always cared deeply for her. he taught her everything she knew, how to make friends, how to survive, how to make sure the blood she's drinking isn't poisoned. and most importantly, how to protect herself from everything thrown at her. One day, she's chosen to compete for the hand of Prince Nathaniel, the next Vampire king. But his family is a great rival of her own. Her father tells her to use this opportunity to bring them down. once and for all. But what will happen when a dash of love is thrown into the game? Is it true love can travel all distances? WARNING: SOME CHAPTERS WILL HAVE MATURE CONTENT


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Broken an...
by xxXDragonGoddessXxx