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By ngardnersenpi
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This is my first book. So it's probably really cringe-worthy. ------------------------------- Natsu Dragneel: he is the demon king, END, trapped in a book. Waiting for his soul mate to find his book and free him. Yet who would want to be a demons mate? ------------------------------------ Lucy Heartfeilia: The runaway princess of Celestia, and heir to the throne. All she wants is a life full of adventure. Not fancy dresses or kingdom to rule. And definitely not an arranged marriage to the Holy Prince Sting. So she runs away. To escape. To be free. ----------------------------------- After two months on the run, Lucy finds a mysterious book hidden deep in the shelves of the Fairy Tail guild library. Curious she opens the book to find.... read to find out!? ------------------------------------ Sorry if the summary sucks. * I do not own Fairy tail, Hiro Meshia(?) does* Also NO LEMONS!? I just can't write them. But if you use the tag #NGFOUND I'd be happy to let you make your own lemon based around my story.... if that makes sense. enjoy~ NG out~


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Found ~ N...
by ngardnersenpi