In This Moment
By AmySparlingWrites
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*This is an unedited sample of my new book, In This Moment! It releases for sale on 9/19/2017. Per Amazon's rules, the sample will have to be removed on 9/11, so read quickly!* Pre-order on Amazon here: Add to your Goodreads list: Amazon preorder coming soon! Clarissa Vale spent all summer building a greenhouse with her grandfather. Since his health is failing, this is the last time she'll spend quality time with him. The greenhouse is her pride and joy, and the one thing keeping her heart mended after getting dumped by a guy who told her she just wasn't good enough. So when it gets vandalized on the first day of school, Clarissa vows to find the person responsible and make them pay. Gavin Voss' home life is the very definition of shitty. His mom works too hard, too much, and for hardly any pay. His father is a barely-functioning alcoholic with an anger issue like a landmine, waiting to explode. Gavin's only happiness is the soccer team--that is until the girl in his homeroom class catches his attention. Clarissa is beautiful, strong, and doesn't put up with his shit. She's also determined to find out who destroyed her greenhouse. Gavin falls hard for Clarissa, but he's keeping a secret. He knows who ruined the greenhouse. When Clarissa learns the truth, she'll want nothing more to do with him.

Chapter 1

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In This M...
by AmySparlingWrites