My Connections To Y...
By ratalove_
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In this AU( or Alternate Universe), there is a soulmate system. A system where there are certain people with certain powers, called 'Connecters'. Connecters are able to find your soulmate and tell you hints about them, but are unable to identify them. If they 'connect' enough people, they are able to make you have smut dreams about them, but only if the one being 'connected' is willing to have the dreams. They kind of connect you with your soulmate, hence the name. Connectors can't identify their own soulmate or, the other way around, they can't identify the person's soulmate if the Connector is the soulmate. You'd think all Connecters just go around and tell you your soulmate, you're wrong. With every person they connect, their positive emotions leave them one by one, making them depressed. That's why some people hide the fact that they are Connectors. There is a way to gain them back though. The more time you spend with your soulmate, the more your positive emotions come back. A TodoDeku fanfic No smut Completed (No rewrite!!!)


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My Connec...
by ratalove_