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"I could tell he was holding back from me. I could see the want in his eyes. Without knowing it I was getting closer to him. His breath was once again in my face. Leaning closer and closer I felt the hitch in his breathing before I smashed my lips against his. I felt my entire body heat up and tingle. Each nerve was brought to life in away I had never experienced." Charlie's whole life has been a lie. Everyone in town knows that she is the crazy girl. She has been with her family who knew the truth. They didn't tell her. She is an outcast. What happens when a man comes out. A man who claims to be her 'brother'. He tells her everything before her first change. The thing is. It's not her first shift. With the confusion of her brother in her life and the truth, will she be able to fathom finding her mate? Jeremiah has emotionally shut himself off from everyone. He has no emotions. The pack, except for a scarce few are scared of him. He is the toughest alpha in the country. No one defies him. Will his mate help him be the Alpha he should be? Charlie has one more truth that is yet to be revealed. The Truth is always revealed.


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by caitlin_wynn_