His Queen (Royal Se...
By WanderLust990
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"What am I going to do with you, Hera? You aren't allowed to leave, so just trust me and take a bath. I won't do anything." "My brothers once told me to never, under any circumstances, trust an enemy. That's what I see you as right now, leave me the fvck alone!" I yelled at him, stuffing all of my stuff into a large suitcase. I needed out, he's just going to use me like Jax always did, "Mon amour-" "Don't even try to talk me out of this in our language!" I slapped him, huge mistake. He'll hurt me. I just know it, he's that type of person. He stalked towards me, throwing me to the wall, then holding my wrists down, "S-stop!" I wriggled around, only to his advantage. As his fist came towards me for the eighth time, the door burst open, revealing somebody I thought I'd never see again. My love.


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His Queen...
by WanderLust990