The Lost (Jimin X R...
By BTScarlette
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A Young girl needing someone. Something to help her get away from everything happening to here at home, she needed someone she felt safe with. One day finding a young wolf pup, which scared her at first, quickly becoming a close friend to her. Giving him his name. One day her mother finally was able to leave their past home, with you. Meaning she had to leave the pup behind. After 10 years you've forgotten most of your past, well attempted to. In all everything has been a more or less normal life, including your mom getting remarried giving you a step brother, Taehyung. Things change though once your school got a new student...... Will you ever see the pup again? Whats with this new student everyone seems to be buzzing about? And why does he seem to be keeping a rather close eye on you? Out of everything one thing was certain.... this new student was going to change your life, one way or the other.

1-Why & New Life

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The Lost...
by BTScarlette