Mahogany Haven
By LiteralFantasy
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Cassandra Hardict is a fiercely independent woman who has sworn off men! Working as a corporate lawyer for a major law firm isn't easy but she holds her own in a man's world. After one heartbreak too many, she decides to take some time out from dating to work on herself and stop letting men validate her self-worth. But there is something about her new boss that draws her in... *** Kia Richardson is a high-school drop out who is struggling to chase her dreams and passions. After a load of unexpected circumstances put her dreams on hold, Kia finds her options limited but continues to persevere so she can make it for her and her family. But being a wife AND a career woman is not as easy as Kia thinks. How will she pursue her dreams with a dominating husband and kid tying her down? *** Farrah Adams is a woman struggling to find out who she really is. After being adopted at an early age, she has never felt a sense of identity and belonging, like a part of her is missing, which is being reflected in her adult life as she now avoids any stability and commitment. Will she ever find what she truly needs to be complete? *** Toni is a beautiful realtor who hops from bed to bed with rich men to get their money. After being brought up in an impoverished home, her greatest fear is being poor and she often goes to extremes to ensure that that doesn't happen. She also has a plethora of insecurities which she hides behind an arrogant, materialistic facade. Will she ever truly be in love? *** When the lives of these four best friends intersect, what follows is sure to be pure drama!

Farrah's Debut

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