Nyx elemental, boar...
By angelshocker
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Sapphire Lynnette is special and she doesn’t even know it. She’s a freshmen about to go to boarding school for students who can control different elements Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and spirit. Along with her best friend Anu. Unlike her best friend, Sapphire has yet to discover her power. But with the help of her friends and classmate she hopes to discover it soon. But what happens when you get on the bad side of the most powerful couple? What happens when a guy comes back from your parents past and want you dead? What will you do help the one’s your love? What happens when you come to your powers and it’s not what you expected? What happens when you find your soul mate and it’s not who thought it would be? Find out what happens to Sapphire on this wild adventurous fantasy of fights, romance, heartbreaks, and power.

Nyx elemental, boarding school

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Nyx eleme...
by angelshocker