The Prodigies [Firs...
By Sibi21
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Five-year-old Kendall Frodell is a genius and has been ever since she was born. The fact that she can and does read high school material, can mentally solve a wide array of equations, and has an incredible memory for trivia could've all easily skipped her from Kindergarten to fifth grade. But Kenny's intelligence (along with her voice) hides behind vague, situation-based index cards and rewritten answers. Things quickly change when she becomes afflicted with peculiar fainting spells-- ones where she walks, writes, and even solves equations while seemingly unconscious. Her erudition is unwillingly revealed, and she's whisked off to an academy for people like her. Very suddenly becoming aware of a whole society of gifted children, school has never been more challenging. An enforced social hierarchy, infamously harsh teachers, blockheaded children-- and the brief disappearances of her classmates only add to everything. In the style of both Ender's Game and the X-Men, The Prodigies is a piece of speculative fiction that will leave you...curious. Highest Ranking: #2 in Science Fiction [©2017-2018. All rights reserved.]


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The Prodi...
by Sibi21