Royal Pain
By americanmediocrity
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Raya Knight, daughter of North Castle's royal family, decides to ditch on her mothers oh so famous yearly gala, she finds herself being dragged to an illegal fight by her best friend. What she didn't know is that by the end of the night she would be somehow handcuffed to the leader of North Castle's most wanted criminal. The leader of the local mafia. Little does Miss Royalty know that Vitale Bianchi has it out for her family. In the days in which she is handcuffed to this mad man, how long can she keep the secret that she is none other than the daughter of the family he's been keeping tabs on? And even when they are finally freed from each other, how is she to ignore him and the feeling she gets at the mere thought of him? • "So many emotions in just one book, and sometimes in just one chapter." - @wiselemonpie • Completed • Highest achievement: #218 in Romance - 03/21/18


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Royal Pai...
by americanmediocrity