My Guilty Pleasure
By Nickymb
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Kayla Mays knows first hand what it's like loving the wrong guy. All her life she's loved the one person who could never love her back. She was the girl who could bag any boy she wanted. She was the Wild One. Now in a place where her perfect sisters image can't touch her, Kayla decides to live the life she always wanted. When she thinks she might have found The One, the guy who she currently calls her boyfriend, everything seems to fall into place. That is until a someone from the past makes their way into her future. Sterling Parker is a changed man. From the untouchable good boy who was her best friends love, to a part time cop who's body is harder than his personality. Sterling is the one thing she never saw coming. She knew then he wasn't hers to have and he still isn't. But why is it that when the tough as stone cop asks to hide out in her apartment does she agree? And why, after all these years, does she still want the one thing he couldn't give her before? Through love, hate, lies, and trust, you will learn what happens when two people are thrown together and pleasure and passion become the one thing they can't deny. He's her guilty pleasure and for Kayla, being bad has never felt so good.

My Guilty Pleasure

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My Guilty...
by Nickymb