The Pure Innocent G...
By heyitsmekelsie
  • Fantasy
  • abdl
  • adoption
  • adultbaby
  • ageplay
  • brothers
  • carcrash
  • daddy
  • diapergirl
  • family
  • friends
  • headspace
  • mommy
  • orphanage
  • parents
  • siblings


A 14 year old girl called Naomi was in a car crash but what happened was really rare, she banged her head to hard, that she lost all her memories and also she headspace of a one year old., And yes she does act like a baby. She plays with her toys, wears and uses her diapers, sucks on her pacifier, watches kids shows. But she can't get out of her headspace, so that means she stuck as a baby forever. Also her mom and dad died in the car crash, but her family can't afford to look after her so they put her in the orphanage. She is now 16, still stuck as a baby, but not adopted yet. Till one day these rich parents with 5 sons, are looking for a girl to adopt. (Sorry I'm bad at descriptions)


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The Pure...
by heyitsmekelsie