The 7th Sense [NCT...
By HeadToToesLove
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"In the same dream, I heard a familar song that calls to me. It connects us." -- Nam Yesol is a 21 year old, going on 22 who is taking the last step in finishing her Bachelor's Degree in Education. Student-teaching. She had hoped it would be a quick and easy semester and her life would continue as normal. But, of course nothing ever goes quite as a planned, and she's gets thrown to wolves - quite literally - when she finds out that, not only do werewolves exist, but she's the mate to one of them. And he just so happens to be one of her students. -- Excerpt: "Why are you even here?" And his reply was just as infuriating as his previous responses had been. He shrugged, pushing past her and throwing his hands into his uniform pants pocket. He started to head off into the direction of the woods, forcing her frown to deepen, especially when he spoke. "I live in this direction. I was just passing by." No. That's not right. "You're lying." Her words finally seemed to have an effect on him and he stopped, turning halfway to look at her over his shoulder. "What?" "I honestly have no idea how I know, but you're lying to me. And, I want to know the truth." His characteristics before this had seemed almost angelic to her, but when the corner of his mouth lifted up into what she could barely describe as a smirk, she questioned just how angelic the boy was. She hated the way that look made her feel. "Do you really?"


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The 7th S...
by HeadToToesLove