Sea Bound (A Sanct...
By MairaDawn
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#159 on Scifi Hot List. A Golden Pen, Pen and Ink, and Rose Award Winner. In this sci-fi fantasy, Sonora yearns for more than life has given her until the day a shadow becomes a guide to a world she could never have imagined. A new world that offers her both delight and danger. Ian's home is the sea but he now reluctantly walks the land hunting the traitor who stole from their people. A man who not only turned his back on his own but brought his decidedly destructive wrath to the humans. Together, Ian and Sonora must put an end to a crazed scientist's schemes and find the key to save humankind's future. With more than their own lives at stake, will they be able to stop him in time? Sea Bound is a stand-alone book set in the Sanctuary's Aggression world. Sci-fi/action/romance/fantasy Cover by me. Critiqued by Voyageavecmoi This work is entirely my creation and is under copyright. No copies, in any language or in any form, can be made without written permission from me.i


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Sea Bound...
by MairaDawn