Sold to Him
By teen-wolf-fan-1
  • Romance
  • bondage
  • discipline
  • dominant
  • manxman
  • massochisom
  • owned
  • pet
  • sadism
  • slave
  • submissive


Normal day, right? Wrong. Walking home from one of my last days of high school, and my life turns upside down. So much for moving far from Kansas and away from my family. Well, if you could even call a drunk abusive father family. Ever since he found out I was gay he would hit me. Oh well, at least being with him will make me survive until college. Or so I thought... Cal Harris is your average teenage boy. He's got friends, a life, crushes, you name it. When his father does the unspeakable, and I don't mean the abuse, Cal's life is turned upside down. For the better? Maybe, but for the moment Cal just wants to be back home. Kyle Moretti is a Dom, in all aspects of his life. He's the CEO of his own company, runs a club on the side and is very demeaning in the bedroom. Will Kyle be soft and kind to his new sub or will he be harsh like he usually is?

Chapter 1 - Cal

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Sold to H...
by teen-wolf-fan-1