Phantom in my Heart
By HeienJie
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Eirian Hart Lopez woke up from a four month coma after an accident that almost took his life. Not only had he lost his memory but also the function of his legs. He couldn't believe it. It was such a devastating news. But with a loving fiance who was always there to cheer him up he accepted his fate and made up his mind to think optimistically. He had to rely on his soon to be husband a lot during the following months after he was discharged. Albert didn't mind. After four months of not being able to do anything but wait, he was happy he could help. Everything was going well until strange things started happening. Confusion had sprouted in his mind and the nightmares that visited him each night did not do anything but fill him with doubt. Original story. Please do not plagiarize. ©HeienJie 2017 All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1

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