The Vampire Lord
By missmama1216
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Olivia has been living in fear most of her life. At least ever since she was a small child at, when the vampires took over. She is separated from her family and despite her silent wishes, she knows they are dead. She lives in the tunnels with another family for two years, trying to keep quiet and stay hidden from the vampires. When her and her new family are captured, she watches the people that took her in be sucked dry in front of her before being sold to a store that sells humans in cages as pets. She is bought as a gift for the very Lord of the Vampires that took over her towns. Little does she know that her life is not ending being sold to the Lord - it is just starting. HIGHEST AWARDS! #3in VampireLove #9 in VampireHuman #2 in Pet #37 in DarkRomance

Chapter One

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The Vampi...
by missmama1216