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By prettylittleirishboy
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"you're never going to read this, are you?" ~~~~ Ellie Potts has it all. The friends. The grades. The perfect, stereotypical, Instagram life. Except she doesn't. Those friends don't see the pills, or the sleepless nights, or the times when she thinks it would be better just to end it. They don't care enough to see those things. But she needs to get it out. So, the DMing starts. To who, you ask? None other than Harry Styles - the one person Ellie knows won't read her daily messages. The one person who's safe. Until he isn't. When Ellie started sending Harry messages, she never expected him to respond. ~~~~ it's kind of a social media, but mostly not tbh Written in instagram style, text style, social media style, and regular style - there's a bit of everything in here! Warnings: suicidal thoughts, depression ~~~~ © prettylittleirishboy 2017


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daily dm...
by prettylittleirishboy