A St.Marcs Brothers...
By -Groovy1996-
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Jamie has lost so much in her life already- the death of her cousin, the her mother and little brother caused a drift between her and her dad. But what Jamie doesn't know is that her life will change all because of one deal between her parents a vampire Prince Luc St Marc's. Jamie must get use to her new life, forget her old one. And understand that change isn't always bad. Falling in love during the process Jamie learns all about her strengths and weakness's. Meeting new friends, and making enemies Jamie understands how important it is to take risks. The first one of the St Marc's Brothers Romance Series: Here the links to the others in the series. http://www.wattpad.com/story/27834-st-marcs-brother-romance-2-scars-are-everywhere - Riley and Dante/Gabriel and Leah’s story. (2) http://www.wattpad.com/story/1028530-st-marcs-brother-vampire-romance-novels-hidden-and - Logan and Kamie’s story. (3)

Saved by a Vampire, now I have to marry him (1)

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A St.Marc...
by -Groovy1996-