The Fuentes Family:...
By exxxyR
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{Book two of the Fuentes Family series.} "You like to sleep around," he shrugs. "I figured you'd have jumped at the offer to show your tits for money." I step towards him, my eyes boring into his. "Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on." Being the only girl in a family with nine brothers can be tough, but it's nada for Yasmin Fuentes. Nothing can break her, except maybe one boy. Jace Daniels, the keeper of her virginity has come back, begging for a second chance. After breaking her heart, Yasmin changed. There is no more naive little girl with a crush on her brothers friend. That girl died when she was 15 and walked in on Jace with another girl. Get your heart broken once; break a thousand others. Yasmin is making sure Jace is paying for it now, in the most sexually frustrating ways. She will push him to the edge but never let him get what he wants. She will hook up with a different guy every week and he can't do anything about it. He doesn't get jealous, except over her. She doesn't cry, except over him. Can Yasmin ever put down her walls and let him in? Will Jace ever be ready to commit to someone, and if so, will Yasmin believe he is? WARNING: contains mature scenes, drug use and vulgar language.


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The Fuent...
by exxxyR