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So the thing is, Zayn sometimes forgets he's not actually Harry's boyfriend. It's not a big deal or anything, but it is sort of inconvenient. They'll be standing together while being interviewed at some event or another and he'll put his hand around Harry's waist, smooth his hand up and down his side and he won't even notice it. Harry never seems to mind-he leans into the touch or into Zayn's side and keeps answering whatever question he's been proffered. It's only when they have to move on that Zayn even realizes he's done it in the first place. Harry either doesn't notice or doesn't care, so Zayn forgets to check himself. He just pulls Harry down onto his lap when the interview couches are too small and holds him around his waist and Harry leans back into his chest. He curls his hand around Harry's hip when they're standing around together, runs his fingers over the sharp jut of bone. He only realizes after he's done it that he's brushed Harry's bangs away from his eyes. Louis laughs openly and loudly at him for five whole minutes when he presses his nose to Harry's in an Eskimo kiss. Zayn flushes a bit, laughing and scratching at the back of his head awkwardly. It's so easy to get lost in Harry, to not even realize what he's doing is probably not what mates do with each other unless they're dating. So, it's not a big deal, really. Besides the occasional teasing he gets from the lads over it, it doesn't hurt him. And Harry doesn't seem too bothered by it, so Zayn doesn't stop to think about his moves before he makes them. It's not entirely his fault. -{SHORT STORY}- started: october 17, 2014 finished: august 30, 2015

Basorexia. -zarry

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