The Brightest of Bl...
By Skylernovento
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// on Hiatus// A Klance story Usually you see the color of your soul mate's eyes, and you are drawn to them. But Keith has seen a bright blue for 12 years of his life and he hasn't seen his soulmate until his vision is clouded with the brightest of blues... The first chapter is based of a different story by Bluderous because i was bored and felt it could be explained better so that's what i did. No offence to the original story writer i did like the story but the story was written strangely. I'm adding music if you don't mind The characters don't belong to me. ( except for the two unnamed boys aunt Teresa Jackson Aspen Nora Opal and Maddie and any other characters I may add) the cover art is by the amazing elentori please support the original release.

The Start of It All

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The Brigh...
by Skylernovento