Bookworm And The Dr...
By gezusgeek
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{Book 2 in my Fairy Tail Fairy Tales Series!} Two weeks after Gray and Juvia return from being in their own Fairy Tale, Gajeel thinks over the events that followed until the Water Mage on his mind comes to chat with him, showing him the same book that got them all worked up. In a last attempt to get the guts to tell Levy how he feels, and partially as a joke, Gajeel reads the spell out loud... Now he and Levy are stuck in their own Fairy Tale, bringing up lost memories and putting uncertainty in their hearts. Will the story bring them closer, or will they have to step back before moving forward? {GALE} {NOT an AU} NOTE: *You do not need to read the first book to read this one if you aren't a gruvia fan. But the first chapter may give the first book away a little bit. Just a little warning. ♡ Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or it's characters, nor the story of Beauty and the Beast.

Chapter One: Another Spell

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by gezusgeek