Welcome to My Life
By ___andreaaaa
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I looked down at my high school diploma in disbelief. "I can't believe I made it this far." I mumbled to myself. Tears threatened to spill over, I tried to keep them in but they trembled over and cascaded down my face. "Hey, Havana. I just want to say congratulations." I turned to see the person behind me. "Y-yeah y-you too." I replied, half-smiling. He reached in for a hug and I started to slightly tremble. I'm still scared of him. I met his end of the hug and slowly breathed in and out calming myself down. He held me for a few moments then broke apart. "See ya later on life." He said,smiling then walked off. "Yeah." I mumbled to myself. I still wonder how I got here. I wouldn't have done it without my guardian angel and my angel.

Welcome to My Life

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Welcome t...
by ___andreaaaa