Killer Love (boyxbo...
By LaughingJake-Jack
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Alex is a socially awkward, shy, and quiet boy of the age 15. He has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He doesn't like attracting any attention to himself, so it makes it hard for him to find friends and such. He doesn't realize that he will soon come face to face with a dangerous, mysterious killer, who he ends up falling in love with. who also just so happens to be another quiet boy in school. he doesn't have any friends and isn't looking for any. will this killer return his love? or reject him? find out in this killer love story. !!WARNING!! Later on in this story there will be smut/sex. There is some bad langue the mention on death and killing. Something in this will get graphic (mainly the smut). If you don't like it don't report or anything. You have been warned.

1. Killer Love

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Killer Lo...
by LaughingJake-Jack