Making It Count (Ti...
By dicaprisunisshinning
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Set two years after when the original book finished (making it count (Rose Titanic Fanfiction) part 1) So I advise you to read that one first before this one. Just because there are new and quite different characters that I created myself. And that they play a big role in shaping Roses life. But if you have. Then excellent you can continue on.. Rose and Caitlin come back to New York and began to start up their acting careers again. They start doing stage shows before Rose hits it big time and gets asked to do a film. Rose then takes Josephine with her to Santa Monica for her work. But she's never been alone. She's never owned her own house before. Who will she meet? What will she learn? Will she make it count? Will she let go and move on? Find out in MAKING IT COUNT (ROSE TITANIC FANFICTION) PART 2

Chapter 1

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Making It...
by dicaprisunisshinning