My Mafia Babysitter
By princess-fill
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Violet Maddox is the daughter of the leader of the largest American mafia in the country. Although she knows her father is a cruel man outside of their home, she has never seen that side of him. Talon Maddox has put all of his effort into preserving his daughters innocence, even in the midst of his criminal activity. Even though she's nineteen, Talon insists that someone stays to look after her when he goes on business. Enter Niklaus. Niklaus Hale is the son of the leader of the biggest Italian mafia in the U.S.. Taught at a young age that violence is key, Niklaus has grown into a man who has a hot temper and an iron fist. When assigned to watch over the daughter of an ally, he reluctantly accepts to keep the peace. What happens when tempers flare, boundaries are tested, and an innocent girl has a smart mouth? Read to find out in | My Mafia Babysitter | *Mature language & themes*


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My Mafia...
by princess-fill