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The life of a vampire is so glamorous and the idea of eternal life a dream many would love, but sadly this life is full of heartbreak and loneliness as I watch those I love grow old and fade from this world... Wonshik must keep his promise to the woman he loves and in doing so he makes a decision that will change his life forever "The horses hooves crashed across the blood soaked field as we charged our way to freedom. Metal rang clear as my sword collided with an enemy's, a battle was less of a collision of hundreds or thousands of men fighting for their own cause, but rather a collection of individual duels. The only thing that mattered was the enemy who crossed his sword with yours. "Cut flank and push!" Yelled our general, this man was no ordinary man, he was charismatic and knew no fear, a man who fought for his people and his country. General Cha HakYeon was in the soldiers eyes a god of his own creation, man fought for him and with him without questions or regrets."

My Light

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by jin_pink