Broken Doll {ManxMa...
By Amelia_Vale
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**TOY MASTER SERIES: BOOK THREE**SEQUEL TO TOY SOLDIER//READ PUPPET, TOY SOLDIER, AND WHAT HAPPENS IN VIENNA FIRST PLEASE** The world was thrown into chaos the moment Carter lost his step mother. He just didn't realize it until it was too late. The war ravaged the world he lived in, destroying society and ruining more lives than he would ever be able to count, and he, though he always tried to ignore the fact, was the reason it happened. Demi always assumed he was the one who broke the world, Bay liked to brag that it was him, but fleshing it down to the marrow of this broken world, tearing back the layers to the very beginning, Carter knew. He knew he started this. And he knew he was the one who needed to end it. With unlikely companions at his side, people labelled as both enemy and friend fighting with him, Carter will fight literally everything he's ever known, everything he once believed in, to finally end this for once and for all. Because even the most cruel, the most malicious of people, were innocent when they were young, and sometimes... sometimes reminding them of that innocence is exactly what is needed to purify their evil. ((rated M, will contain triggering themes, explicit content, sexual themes, rape, blood, violence, abuse, torture, talk of self-harm and suicide, intense fluff, character death & mature language.)) **cover art by Ramzy Kamen on DA:**

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Broken Do...
by Amelia_Vale