You Are The Only On...
By Iki_Gaka
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"Don't you understand?! You must be fucking stupid!" Harry shouted. "Listen here carefully. I don't even want to marry you. You're my parent's choice, not mine!" He added. Or where, "I'm still sane but you're the one who makes me going crazy." Harry said lowly. "Tonight I want you to prove it to me that you're still pure!" He said firmly. "Prove it?" Louis' eyes grew twice their size. "How? You're crazy Harry!" ....................... When Harry Styles, an arrogant businessman forced by his father to marry Louis Tomlinson a pretty and softhearted boy, he refused. Because he already has a boyfriend, a popular new model, Xander Ritz and Louis was waiting for his childhood friend, Liam Payne. But fate was against them, they must agree to their fathers wishes. Harry hated Louis because he is poor and from a small town and blamed him for their marriage. While Louis must forget Liam to become a faithful husband. Will their marriage finds happiness or there are storms coming their way? Let's find out.


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You Are T...
by Iki_Gaka