Must Date The Chef
By maramartha
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"Stop eye fucking me. I am not King," he mutters through clenched teeth, venom dripping with every word. * * * Pauline is a confident young lady who thinks she has everything she needs-a good job, a house of her own, a car and a man willing to do anything to have her. She's in love with herself, so much that she doesn't want the constraints that comes with being committed to a man. Paul is the epitome of handsome, a perfect description of a Melanin King with sun kissed skin. But beneath all this beauty is a heart broken man who is learning to love and trust again. Determined to get out of his shell and ghosts from the past, he relocates to another city. He has always wanted to do one thing and that is, cook. With a chance at a new life in a new city, he starts his journey as a Cook. A very hot Cook who is as edible as the meals he prepares. One Friday Evening, Pauline steps into his world but he pays her no mind. Once bitten, twice shy, so he knows now to keep his distance from women, especially ones who know how beautiful they are. Pauline has been many things but ignored isn't one of them. When in a wicked twist of fate, she finds the drool worthy waiter now working for her as a chef, she knows fate is giving her a chance to sort out her messy feelings. [Weekend Series: Book 1] Formerly know as One Friday Evening * * * * * Started: 14/01/2019 Finished: 22/11/2019 Word Count: 165,000- 165,500. Cover: Yours Sincerely. --- Do not use any written material, character likeness from this story without express or written permission from the author. If you're found doing so, you will be reported and presented a DMCA. Legal and appropriate actions will be taken.

|| Foreword/Author's Note.

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Must Date...
by maramartha