Her Seduction
By EXOtic_Devil
  • Vampire
  • death
  • drama
  • drunk
  • love
  • mate
  • obsession
  • original
  • powers
  • pureblood
  • revenge
  • romance
  • tragedy
  • vampire
  • werewolf
  • witch


• N O T A F A N F I C T I O N • The things I do are not for pleasure or entertainment. I do them for the sake of revenge. I seduce Vampires, drink their blood, take their money and leave them in an uncomfortable situation. Of course I can drink their blood, as long as they are not an original, a Pureblood. Purebloods are very dangerous, very strong and very beautiful. They are the ones first born and cannot be killed. They can kill anything, even normal Vampires, with just one finger of theirs. Their blood is extremely dangerous to normal Vampires, it can kill us starting from the inside and finishing on the outside. That's what I was taught. So one night, when a beautiful, supposed-to-be Vampire caught my eyes, I decided to make him my prey. But catching his attention was the biggest mistake I've ever done. Bad move. He was a Pureblood. ~ ✧ ~ ✧ ~ ✧ ~ ✧ ~ WARNING: I WROTE THIS STORY WHEN I WAS 14/15! THIS WAS MY FIRST STORY ON WATTPAD SO IT WILL BE VERY CRINGE! IF YOU WANT TO READ IT, READ IT, BUT DON'T COMPLAIN AND PLEASE BE GENTLE WITH YOUR COMMENTS! © Copyright EXOtic_Devil, 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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Her Seduc...
by EXOtic_Devil