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// Sequel to Unmasked and Unmarked "Where is your courage, your strength? Where are your loyalties? Because mine are right here, with the Clan, and I would die fighting for it if necessary." Shademask remembers DarkClan all too well and is still tormented by the things he did under Dawnstar's reign. Though well-respected in the newly formed RockClan, he doubts his own worth and loyalty as a warrior - especially when the dead come to haunt him. Skypaw knows of DarkClan only as an outsider, once a kittypet and now part of the reborn Clans. Her new life in SeaClan is exciting but dangerous, and the comforts of her old home prick at her memory. There are some who would want her back, leading her astray from her new allegiance. Rosekit does not know of DarkClan at all, or the father who refuses to claim her as his own. Constantly overshadowed by her sister, she is not sure where her place in MoorClan is, or if there simply isn't one for her. Promises of safety and belonging may prove hard to reject if offered. Though DarkClan has ceased to exist, its remnants continue to float beneath the surface, threatening to break the bonds being forged. There is a thin line between the darkness and the light, and the making of a new life and stirring up the ashes of the old.

// unmarked recap //

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