Beys and bonds ( be...
By MiraculouslyAwsome
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Emiko is a blader and being in a male dominated sport is not always easy. She has made friends in unlikely places. She has faced trial after trial and will never give up. You can fall alone but together we can be strong. Join her and the rest of the gang as they conquer the blading world. Sorry for the sucky description its not as bad as you think, please give it a chance and read. I hope you enjoy I don't own beyblade burst or any of the photos or videos that are in this fanfiction Cover made by the amazing @emberblazeofwindclan, So please go check them out! Send them some love! And tell them Mira (Miraculouslyawsome) sent you. Thank you so much, for even checking out my story♥️

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Beys and...
by MiraculouslyAwsome