The Glorious Flame
By TheParableQueen
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A murderous, psychopathic pixie with a gun meets a equally attractive, maddening prince who also has a gun. The real twist? A mysterious disease threatens to end this murderous, psychopathic pixie, and her only hope may just be the prince whom she hates... But who are we kidding? There is no story if there is no undeniably, sexually frustrating, overwhelmingly infuriating attraction between Ms. Batshit-crazy herself and a certain prince who clearly has a death wish when it comes to his choice of woman. Buckle up, because when it involves Inferno and Rouhem... I'd start popping that popcorn now. ----------------------------------------------------------------- And god how good he looked in his leather jacket and blue jeans. It was pissing her off. "Oh, really?" he responded to the sound of her gun. His deep voice sent shivers down her spine. She never had such reactions to a male until him, and she has decided that no matter how amazing it felt, it was most likely for the best that she ignored it. "Yes, really!" she snapped, "you barge into my life and don't expect consequences? You must not be Rouhem. He would know that I can get a little trigger happy when someone annoys me, especially you!" Inferno knew herself well enough to firmly state that she was a very irrational person outside of grave situations. Anything that exasperated her usually was shot. It was a mere fact. "Do it then, pixie, make my day." ----------------------------------------------------------------- (WARNING: MATURE CONTENT OF ALL KINDS *EMPHASIS ON THE ALL PART*) (2nd book in this universe of brooding beasts and the women who slay more than Buffy, CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE, but there are spoilers for the 1st book... you've been warned... but hey, you do what you want... this was definitely way too long of a side-note... my bad... bye)

Chapter 1

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The Glori...
by TheParableQueen