Bad Girl✔ *Comple...
By Kookie_Morales
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My name is Y/N, I'm 17 years old and my family is a fucking ass to me. One day I got tired of it, I was so sweet, so nice, and so innocent but they couldn't appreciate it. I turned into a "bad girl" or in other words a rebel. I would bully people that were extremely nice and or jerks, basically, I would bully a lot of the people that hurt me, until one day I found him. Jeon Jungkook, a new transfer student, I never felt like hurting him and I never knew why I felt like that. I felt something towards him, something I've never ever felt in my life. I'm the "bad girl" that fell for the good guy, and I never expected that my life would take many different turns... Sorry if this sucks but I hope you like it Highest ranking:#1 in Jungkook×reader #1 in Jk #1 in Bulletproofboy #1 in Good guy #8 in JungHoseok #8 in Rm #3 in J-Hope

Chapter 1

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Bad Girl?...
by Kookie_Morales