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"I hear another shriek, this time ringing clearly. I know for sure I heard it. I pick up my gun once more and hold it to my chest. The shrieking doesn't stop this time. I quicken my steps to the tree. I swing around and- I audibly gasp. It becomes suddenly hard to keep my stomach from shooting out of my mouth like a gunshot as the scene before me unfolds. A large spider-like creature persistently mauls an elderly woman as she screams in terror. My eyes dart to the creature, big, red, and bloody. It stands at three feet tall with teeth as long as a human finger. I hesitate longer than I had meant to before cocking my gun. With a blast of red light, the creature shrinks back and fizzles away to ash." In an alternate version of California, monsters are taking over city by city. Chase Evers, Sylvia Acres, and Cass Lange are put up for the job of government-trained monster hunters. When friends become foes and foes become friends, these three twelve-year-olds are in for more than they bargained for. in editing. --- cover by yours truly highest tag: #115 in 'government' (5 May 2019) #488 in 'dystopian' (23 Nov. 2018) #674 in 'science-fantasy' (12 Oct. 2018)


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by mikaylalwrites