His Little Killer
By tox-ic-i-ty
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Maddox is the definition of crazy. She's psychotic, deranged, mad. Some people even say she's death herself. She only knows two things: Sex and murder. When a new group stumbles into town she tries to show who's on top. She's the boss of all the crime activity in Las Vegas and no one is going to bring her down. At least that's what she thought before she met Kade, otherwise known as King. He's the King of killing. Obviously Maddox is going to try and kill the King but they don't call him the King of killing for nothing. "What the hell do you think you are doing here? You have a lot of f*cking nerve" I got right in his face and watched as his smirk grew. "I should kill you right here" "In front of all these people?" He ventured. "Death is a normal thing around here. Welcome to Las Vegas." I sneered. "You know I'm new?" "I run this town. Nothing around here happens without me knowing and let me let you in on a little secret-." I motioned for him to come closer so I could whisper in his ear. "- I'm going to kill you and all of your little associates." Maybe being on top isn't always ideal. What happens when she becomes His Little Killer?

His Little Killer

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His Littl...
by tox-ic-i-ty