Shadow Beings
By GardenOfProserpine
  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • angels
  • chakras
  • contemporaryfantasy
  • demons
  • dimension
  • hardfantasy
  • metaphor
  • mind
  • paranormal
  • philosophy
  • physics
  • science
  • shadow
  • shadows
  • society
  • spiritual
  • time
  • truth
  • wattys2020


In our recondite knowledge of the universe, the spacetime continuum is our presently known model of dimensions that tells us where and when things happen. But what of the other questions, possibly other dimensions, and possibly the beings of the other dimensions? In the world of the Shadow Beings, the 'darkest' Shadows - the Demons - wake from their dormancy. Secrets begin to unveil and Audrey, a Shadow-Trapper, has to somehow bring everyone and everything together to stop madness from happening; a way to stop war. In the midst of all this, she will understand who she truly is. ?namuh os yeht era yhw ...sgnieB 'lautiripS' Warning: At times this book can be very vague/metaphorical, so I would not recommend it to people looking for a light read.

1. The Beginning of an End

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Shadow Be...
by GardenOfProserpine