The Girl in the Riv...
By ReesePattonAuthor
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A Relationship Destined to be Off the Record... Ian Stirling, publisher of the Daily Herald, is rich, powerful, and undeniably sexy. Never good combination in any man. Especially in a man who's about to offer a job of a lifetime to young reporter. Merideth Gardner is tenacious, curious, and brilliant. When she leaves her interview at the Daily Herald ready to give up on her dream of working for a daily city paper fate intervenes. All she has to do is help Ian convince his grandfather that he's given up his philandering ways. Seven days. She only has to pretend she's in love with Ian for seven days. And on the seventh day she'll get her prize-a job as a reporter. It's a simple business transaction. An exchange of services. But then the story changes and Merideth finds herself doing the one thing she knows she can't do-she falls for Ian. Will Ian go on the record with his feelings for Merideth? Or is their relationship destined to be off the record? The Girl in the River delivers a sexy and suspenseful serial. Perfect for when you want a hot story but don't have a lot of time. Read the first part of The Girl in the River while it's Hot!

Chapter One

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The Girl...
by ReesePattonAuthor